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Size Guide

For All Pants:

Pants are a relaxed fit based on hip size. Fit is a personal preference, but as a general rule we recommend that men size UP. For ladies who want a slimmer fit, we recommend sizing DOWN. For a basic relaxed fit, feel free to stay with the exact size category you fall in.

If between sizes, size DOWN for women and UP for men. Example: If your hips measure between a medium and a large at 41.5", choose a medium if you are a woman and choose a large if you are a man.

TO MEASURE YOUR HIP SIZE: Simply wrap a tape measure around the fullest point of your buttocks and use that as your hip size.

For All Skirts:

Skirts are based off of waist size- in this case, wherever on your waist you want the skirt to sit. 

TO MEASURE YOUR WAIST SIZE: Simply locate wherever on your body you want the waistband to be, then wrap the tape measure around your desired location and use that as your waist measurement.

For All Dresses:

Dresses are based off of hip size



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